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Why Choose

Matthew D'Alto Website Design Services

for Your Website Design Project?


Full-Service Website Design

Matthew D'Alto Website Design Services can:

Bring your Business Idea from Concept to Reality

Upgrade Your Existing Business Website

Set Up a Personal Event RSVP Site

Create a Comprehensive Online Resume

Regularly Maintain Your Site and Provide Content Marketing Solutions 


    • multiple design layouts and drafts

    • call-to-action implementation

    • client feedback and revisions

    • content transfer, layout, and/or creation

    • mobile-friendly website conversion

    • domain name and hosting plan install


    • regular website maintenance and updates

    • search engine optimization (SEO) updates

    • advertising and conversion strategies

    • content marketing, blogging, branding

    • social media strategy and marketing

    • email marketing campaigns


Capability and Functionality


    • Market any new or existing business to the world or target a local market

    • Announce new products and services

    • E-mail market to customer or prospect lists

    • Attract subscribers/social media followers

    • Provide event details and online RSVP

    • Embed HTML affiliate advertising links

    • Products and physical inventory

    • Online services and hotel room bookings

    • Photography/art galleries and digital files

    • Music, video, and document downloads

    • Restaurant take-out menus

    • Integrated invoicing, payment processing, and shopping carts

    • Integrated and customized blogs or member forums

    • Topical podcasts

    • Writing, photography, or art

    • Integrated e-mail marketing

    • Social media integration

    • Customized design, colors, fonts, photos


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For all photography and website design inquiries, call or text:

Matthew D'Alto Photography & Design

is based in Norwalk, Connecticut.


We serve business and personal photography needs

throughout Connecticut as well as in Westchester County, New York.

For Photography Services:
Matthew D'Alto Website Design
serves website design needs of small businesses
anywhere in the United States.
For Website Design Services:
Matthew D'Alto Photography & Design is a registered trade name and wholly owned affiliate of DFS Partners LLC

Matthew D'Alto Website Design
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