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Nov 20, 2017

Check out these photos that Matthew D'Alto Photography & Design recently shot of a home in Westport, CT . I believe this home was a turn-of-the-century ice house that was converted (and obviously exp
Jul 3, 2017

In the midst of a large family portrait shoot in Stamford, I recorded this precious moment between this expectant mother and her only daughter. It's hard to tell which of the two was glowing more! Mat
Jun 4, 2017

Here's something cute: For this couple's 40th wedding anniversary party, they made a life-sized cardboard cut out of themselves on their wedding date, and then posed next to themselves -- 40 years lat
May 6, 2017

In the Korean tradition, they celebrate a baby's first birthday unlike any other. In generations past, the death rate for children under the age of one were very high due to the lack of medical care
Mar 5, 2017

I spotted a hawk in my backyard yesterday. They are notoriously difficult to capture live, so I decided to take a chance and take the photo through my dirty glass window and screen. After a LOT of cro
Sep 26, 2017

She said, "I want a photo of us walking out of the church." He said, "I really like black and white photos." Consider it done. Matthew D'Alto Photography & Design provides personal photography servic
Jun 27, 2017

I may retire from photography after taking this portrait since I really don't know if I can improve from here ;-) Truthfully, this lovely lady did all of the work and made my camera smile. This phot
May 17, 2017

In a prior post , I described a wonderful Korean tradition of celebrating a child's first birthday in a unique way. The "Doljabi" is the highlight of this event. Here the baby is placed in front of va
Mar 11, 2017

In addition to taking the photos, Matthew D'Alto Photography & Design can create and present a variety of photo books from any event that we shoot, from small weddings and marriage ceremonies, to mitz
Sep 6, 2017

Three walls and a curtain was all that separated her from her family and friends (and a photographer!). We all waited patiently in that semi-outdoor, sunlit room behind the opaque curtain for about a
Jun 17, 2017

This photo was taken under a cherry blossom tree in full bloom, and as the sun was starting to set in the distance. The colors, light, and shadows are enhanced to create more character and artistry in
May 8, 2017

This sweet little girl made had nothing but smiles for me during an hour-long shoot of her and her family on her First Communion day. It was a perfect sunny Sunday, though there was a little breeze in
Mar 11, 2017

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Matthew D'Alto Photography & Design is a registered trade name and wholly owned affiliate of DFS Partners LLC

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